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New London, Minn.

“Our system is performing, and we are hitting the
targets that were initially projected. Knowing that we are doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint is as important to us as the savings we receive on our energy bill. We highly recommend Novel to others and if you
are considering going solar you should not only
consider the financial benefits but the impact on the environment as well.”


Rochester, Minn.

“We looked at five other companies before

choosing Novel Energy Solutions. No one could

come close to their financing program. We did not spend any money out of pocket and our system

is performing perfectly.  lf you do the math and run the numbers, common sense tells you to go with Novel. I have recommended them to my friends and have only positive things to say about my experience with your team.”


Lucan, Minn.

“I chose Novel Energy Solutions because they were a local, Minnesota company. They are new and innovative, but also experienced. My system is actually producing more electricity than we anticipated! The construction was amazingly positive. Your staff bent over backwards for me and there was not one single glitch. I have referred many business-owners to Novel.”


St. Charles, Minn.

“I had planned on installing a solar system one or two years ago, but had given up on the idea when the price came in. At that time, it just did not work for us financially. Then one day Novel Energy called me with a new plan that worked out for us. Novel handled all the paperwork, permits, and installation of the system. We are now excited to see if we can produce more power than we use!”


Owatonna, Minn.

“I’m a very happy customer and your company has been great to work with. I have referred you to many! I met with two other companies and your professional approach and track­ record is what set you apart – that and the fact that I have not spend one penny out-of-pocket. My system is performing exactly as you promised.”


Winthrop, Minn.

“If you are tired of paying taxes, this is a no-brainer.
Novel Energy Solutions outlined what our system would produce and it is performing exactly as promised. We
had to put in some minor electrical upgrades; besides that, we did not spend one single penny out of pocket and have
cut our electric bill to virtually zero. I gladly recommend

any business to go with Novel Energy Solutions”


Winona, Minn.

“We spent exactly zero out of pocket on our solar array with Novel Energy Solutions. Obviously, everyone is in a different financial situation, but with no investment on our part, every nickel we save is one we didn’t have before! I gladly recommend Novel to others.”


Minnesota City, Minn.

“Your team has been great to work with. I like the benefits to the environment that are received by going solar. Eliminating the use of fossil fuels is important to me. I looked at other companies and am very happy I chose Novel Energy Solutions.”


Fairfax, Minn.

“Novel Energy installed a 40-kW solar array at each of our two hog sites including the one we live at. Novel structured the financing so that that there was no money out of pocket. The installations were professionally done and were up and operating in a timely manner. Novel took care of all the permitting and worked with the local utilities to get the arrays interconnected to the grid. The early results show each array generating over $600 per month in passive solar savings! We would recommend Novel Energy for anyone that wants a trouble-free solar construction project.”~G. & M. PEICHEL



2303 Wycliff Street • Suite 300

St. Paul, MN 55114 



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