On-Site Solar 

Lower your energy costs
with a solar array 

& immediately cash-flow positive.

Electricity costs are climbing.
NES solar strategies can cut
your electricity costs by up to 50%.


 NES offers turn-key solutions. With licensed professionals, they do all the work including:

 Financing • Development 

• Installation • Maintenance




Novel Energy Solutions installs powerful solar arrays for businesses ranging from family farms to entities with large rooftops or unused land. If you have a flat roof, south-facing roof, or space on the ground, we can bring you a solar solution that will cut your energy costs.



Own Your Solar Array

Finance or purchase your array up front and be immediately cash-flow positive. NES’s experienced team will walk you through the federal and state incentives that make owning your solar array profitable. 


Finance your array for $0 down with NES’s innovative Arinna finance program. With the Arinna program, you reduce your electricity costs by up to 50% from day one, with no money out of pocket. If making a big capital expenditure will slow down your business, or if you want NES to take all the production, warranty and operation risk, this is the way to go.

This solution guarantees you an immediate return on investment, while NES installs and maintains a premium solar array. When your array is paid in full, you receive free electricity.


Purchase your array up front to see immediate, significant savings on your electricity bill. If you have excess cash that doesn’t need to be invested in your business, this is the way to go.


Lease Your Solar Array

When leasing a solar array from NES, you save 25-33% on your energy costs. Leasing customers buy their electricity from NES for less than what the utility charges.

NES installs and maintains the on-site solar array at no cost to you. You simply pay a cheaper rate for electricity.




Free up more funds to promote your mission by working with Novel Energy Solutions.


Lease Your Solar Array

Leasing a solar array is a great way for non-profit and government organizations to save with solar.

NES will install a premium solar array sized specifically for your organization’s energy usage at no cost to you. 


You simply pay a cheaper rate for solar electricity than what you pay the utility. We guarantee your solar rate to be cheaper than the utility rate for up to 24 years.



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