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Our eyes are on the sun; our roots are deep in agriculture.

A Community Solar Garden (CSG) is a centralized solar project, connected to the energy grid, that provides energy to multiple subscribers. 

The subscribers—your community and neighbors—get a credit on their electricity bill.
You provide this opportunity when you lease a site to NES.

Earn 3-4 times more with
solar when NES leases your
property for a Community Solar Garden:

  • Landowners will earn three to four times
    the rate of a crop lease

  • Non-profits and businesses will profit 
    from an underutilized asset – a roof

  • Income will continue for the next 25 years


NES, with appropriately licensed contractors, will take care of all aspects of the community solar garden sited on your land or roof including:

Development • Construction • Operations • Maintenance

Lease Your Land to NES



Landowners can earn three to four times the rate of traditional crop leases by leasing land to NES.

NES will construct, maintain, and operate a community solar garden on the leased land.

A community solar garden produces clean energy. The utility-bill savings for the nearby CSG community provides a positive economic impact.


This opportunity is available for owners of land in Xcel Energy service territory who have approximately five to ten acres available. 


Our experienced and hardworking team will work closely with you each step of the way. 


Lease Your Roof to NES

Lease Your Roof to NES

Industrial building owners, non-profits, and farmers can utilize unused or underused roof space to generate new, passive income. NES is actively seeking roof space to lease.

NES will construct, maintain, and operate a community solar garden that will provide clean energy and utility-bill savings for the nearby community. 


If you have a flat, or south-facing slanted roof of greater than 50K square feet in Xcel Energy territory, you may be eligible to lease your roof to NES.


Host a community solar garden and earn more today.

Sell Your Land to NES


NES is seeking to purchase eligible land of five or more acres in Xcel Energy service territory for community solar gardens.

Not only will you make money on the sale, you’ll continue to benefit as a preferred subscriber to the community solar garden for the next 25 years. 


Own A Community Solar Garden

Depending on your tax liabilities, owning your own community solar garden might be the most financially beneficial way to go solar. 

You will receive power at a low rate (set by you) and get paid by subscribers – together supporting renewable energy.



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