Illinois Solar Program

Farmers, Landowners, Homeowners, Businesses, Non-Profits can all participate!

Use a Power Purchase Agreement

Benefits to You

  • Cash-flow positive opportunity through electrical savings
  • Secured electric rate
  • Ability to increase facility size without costly electrical upgrade
  • 40% Energy Savings And 6-Year Contract
  • NO Production, Operation, Warranty, or Maintenance Risk

Novel Energy Solutions’ Guarantee

  • Solar array will meet 100% of electrical needs for your facility
  • Savings of up to 30-40% on energy costs
  • NES will construct (using licensed contractors), operate, and maintain the system at no cost
  • No risk: Insurance liability and taxes are covered by NES

$0 Down

Own Your Array

  • NO Electric Cost in 10-15 Years
  • Best Savings in the Industry—Guaranteed
  • Immediately Cash-Flow Positive

Ask Yourself:

  • Do you pay your own electric bill?
  • Do you have a southern-facing rooftop or land available?
  • Do you pay federal income taxes?

If you answer YES to all three questions… NES can help you save big with solar for $0 Down.

Reduce your electric rate by 30-40%

Contact NES today. Our staff will help you take control of your energy costs.

Illinois has a limited timeline to enter this program. Lottery is being run in January. Please contact Allie Loschen for more information on how this program can work for you.